Beyond Confidence

The world’s highest ropes course challenge in Penang sees thrill-seekers stepping out the window on the 65th floor of the Komtar building.

More and more adventure lovers want to challenge themselves to exceed your limits. To conquer their greatest fears or to simply step out of their comfort zone.

To those out there who live for adrenaline pumped moments, The Gravityz is a platform to elevate oneself to new heights, literally. The Gravityz facilitates activities that are out of the norm, considered by some to be extreme as it involves great heights. Yet, with great heights, come the privileges of great views and experiences. The Gravityz encourages people to build their confidence and to take a leap out of their comfort zone, hence their tagline: Beyond Confidence.

Gravityz Executive Director J. Hong Low’s passion for the climbing sport extends to more than being just a dedicated climber. Other than being a certified climbing instructor in South East Asia, he is also a national router setter as well as a committee member of both ACCT Malaysia. He created The GRAVITYZ Project after having started AGC Sports & Equipment Sdn Bhd Group back in 2009. Meanwhile, Technical Director Shiwen Wong is known for having formed Madmonkeyz, a climbing gym in 2009. This was attributed to his hobby of rock climbing, which he started all the way back in 2002.

The activity takes about 60 minutes to complete. This consists of the Preparation Phase (20 min), the Safety Briefing Phase (10 min) and the Actual Trail Challenge Phase (30min).


Starting with a confidence boost by walking through the pathway with one’s body facing outward, the idea is to stay calm and breathe normally.


The thrill-seeker should have gained some confidence from the previous path that allowing him or her to sit back, relax and enjoy the astonishing view of the city.


Once one has conquered the first stage of inner-fears, it is time to move on to the great bridge which requires extra confidence and concentration.


X point comes after the great bridge. Like a pat at the back! Bravo!

Komtar 2
Z Wire @ Gravityz


A veritable “leap of faith”, the adventurer steps off the edge to experience the flying fox obstacle from here to the next façade… and why not spread your wings for optimum experience?

Komtar 5
G Rocky @ The Gravityz


This is the final obstacle challenge, and here, is all about balancing off the edge of the building. It’s the crowning glory.

Safety First

Each participant is given a full body safety harness which is hooked onto a safety lanyard attached to an overhead safety line. All Gravityz safety equipment is Swiss and Italian made, with certification from the European Union and TUV. There are always 2 Gravityz Crewz (Instructors) accompanying the participants during the activity as well as to provide guidance and assistance.