TourMAB – The Tourism Media Asset Base – is the world’s first easy-to-use RIGHTS-FREE asset base specifically designed for media professionals in the travel and tourism trades. This specific site is dedicated entirely to Tourism Malaysia.


How does TourMAB work?

Members of the media are free to roam the site and use any interviews, information or “quotable quotes” in order to construct or enhance any articles pertaining to travel and tourism in Malaysia. You are free to use any photos from this site, simply giving a photo credit to Cleverdis. You do not have to register or login in order to use any of these assets.

Who is responsible for TourMAB?

The media asset base is compiled by Cleverdis (www.cleverdis.com), publishers of ITB Berlin News, the official daily magazine of ITB Berlin.

Is this site part of Tourism Malaysia?

No. It has been commissioned by Tourism Malaysia, and Tourism Malaysia organises and approves content, however it is compiled by Cleverdis.

How and why was TourMAB conceived?

In the run-up to Tourism Malaysia’s official partner country status at ITB Berlin 2019, Tourism Malaysia wished to create more ways for media to be able to access information and photos about tourism attractions in the country, in addition to the already highly successful assets available through the official Tourism Malaysia website. It was important that journalists be able to find information and story ideas in an easy-to-use format. Tourism Malaysia therefore commissioned Cleverdis, publishers of the official publication ITB Berlin News, to assist by making a number of visits to different regions of Malaysia, undertaking interviews and gathering together a photo database, in order to put these assets at the disposition of the world’s media.

Why are the interviews sometimes very long? 

The aim of the site is not to give “pre-packaged” material, although you are free to use it as you wish (without taking quotations out of context). The idea is to give you a a broad base of information and ideas to help you to produce your own articles. Where possible, we will give a “précis” at the start of each interview, outlining the key points raised.

Do I have to notify someone I am using assets from the base?

No, you are free to create articles as you wish by using whatever assets you may require. It would be much appreciated, however, if you could communicate any finished articles to us so we can see how great they look!

How do I download photos?

As you browse the various photo galleries, you will see the title of the image at the bottom left hand side, and bottom right you will find the technical specs of the photo. Just under that, you will find the link “View Full Size”. Click on this and you get the full-size photo, which you can simply drag and drop onto your own desktop. Feel free to use any photos and simply put a credit to “Cleverdis”.

Ideas and comments

We would love to have your comments and ideas, as to anything you may LIKE to have access to in the future, in terms of interviews or story ideas, photos, etc., etc.

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